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送彩金98的娱乐平台:Daily Fund Weekly: A shares relatively independent stock funds closed higher

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内容摘要:a week market review funds:overseas stock market downturn, but the A shares relative independence strong, good equity income fund, equity fu...

a week market review

funds: overseas stock market downturn, but the A shares relative independence strong, good equity income fund, equity funds this week closed up slightly, equity funds, hybrid funds , Bond Fund , Fund ,QDII Fund gains were 1.0997%, 0.8576%, 0.1065% and 0.6791%, respectively.

Market conditions : Last week, A-share main board dragged down by 3 consecutive days of slump in the US stock market. After the Spring Festival, the rebound opened up but the momentum of the fall was better than that before the Spring Festival plunge. The GEM Index went up independently Off the 1700 integer, up to touch 1800 points, regained the ground before falling panic. Industries, service software, semiconductor and communications equipment among the biggest gainers, Insurance , Bank , coal stocks leading the decline, of subject matter, the Internet industry, new energy automotive industry chain, artificial intelligence broke out again. Since 2018, the market turmoil has increased and the short-term market has entered a period of restoration. Meanwhile, with the imminent warming of the two markets and the stabilization of overseas markets, investor sentiment has been somewhat warmed up. The idea of ??investing around cost-effectiveness still dominates the market. As institutional investors Gradually occupy the leading market environment, the market investment opportunities are still around the fundamentals, the value of investment, the concept of value investment is still in the continuation of, in particular, followed by listed companies have gradually entered the window of the annual report and quarterly reports, pre-performance or High dividend stocks will get market favor. The configuration value of the blue chip sector, represented by big finance and big spending, still exists. The evolution of consumer upgrades, the boom of the industry boom continued Food and beverage , investment in home appliances, tourism and other consumer areas continue, while valuations of the large financial sector is still cause for concern.

one week fund performance

7_8 9456_81_65473_91606437_89456_125 _65473_9 Wells Fargo Securities Industrial 7_89456_165_6547 3_90014317_89456_ 250_65473_97_89456_293_65 473_95199677_89456_333_6 5473_9 referred 7_89 456_419_65473_9 Code 7_89 456_463_65473_9 Castrol ease money market
one week net equity fund performance: As the stock market is extremely weak, the overall income stock funds is negative
Code referred % decline in net worth rose Code referred % decline in net worth rose
161631 Artificial Intelligence 9.01% 003625 Creative Commons License -4.79%
Peng Huazhong card aerospace industry 8.69% 000746 investment selection -4.77%
004347 South China Securities 508.60% 003624 Year of the resources a letter -4.75%
002900 South China Securities 508.60% 168204 in the financial coal Securities -4.59%
1610318.49% 161032 Wells Fargo Securities coal -4.44%
one week hybrid funds fund performance: As the stock market is extremely weak, the overall income of the Fund hybrid poor
Code referred net up % decline in the code referred % decline in net worth rose
001071 Hua media Internet 11.59% Founder Fubon preferred -5.30%
001266 UBS SDIC Lucky 10.51% 002297 Founder Fubon preferred -5.28%
001838 UBS SDIC National Bank 10.17% 000591 healthy living -5.23%
519961 long TRULY Wide Mix 9.83% 1617067_89456_208_65 473_9 investment in high-quality growth -4.78%
398041 sea quantitative strategies 9.63% 217013 investment in small-cap mix -4.44%
one week bond funds fund performance: convertible bonds hardest hit
codes fall short of Net Change% Code Short Form Net Change%
004395 Wealth of Nations Hengtong net debt 2.91% 002674 in living in harmony with Feng net debt -7.86%
519947 long Truly junk bonds 2.45% 000481 Chinese Entrepreneur double bonds fengli vote on -5.46%
000378 double bonds and increased profits 1.51% 000463 Chinese double bond Feng Li -5.36%
long Truly rich Chinese businessmen solid bond 1.45% 000938 Tim Lee -3.83%
000119 GF Xin bonds 1.41% 000937 Chinese businessmen solid Tim Lee -3.78%
QDII fund net performance one week: As the overseas market crash occurs, QDII Fund affected by falling
Code referred % decline in net worth rose Code % decline in net worth rose
002230 Huaxia Chinese mixed 1.43% 160717 Harvest Hang Seng China -4.37%
270023 GF Global Select 1.33% 110031 Yi Fangda Heng school students -4.23%
002891 China Mobile Internet 1.19% 160139 South China Hang Seng China 7_8 9456_376_65473_9-4.19%
040021 Hua Greater China rose 0.94% net 160138 South Hang Seng China -4.18%
040018 Hua Hong Kong Featured 0.62% 161831 silver Huaheng state-owned enterprises -4.09%
one week Monetary Fund performance
Code referred 7 Daily benefit referred to as 7 _ 89456 _ 422 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 423 _ 65473 _ 97 days annual yield
004866 Green monetary B6.70% 560001 Yimin currency 2.37%
004865 Green monetary A6.47% 000439 country Jinxin Ying currency 2.62%
128011 UBS SDIC currency B5.45% 0700282.71%
004331 peaceful day-Hsin currency B5.33% 110006 easy to square up the currency A2.86%
121011 UBS SDIC currency A5.19% 004133 AVIC navigation treasure currency 2.96%

7_89456_507_65473 _9

Second, the specific asset allocation recommendations

recent A-share on the external market is relatively strong independence, on the one hand because of the recent advance has been continuous adjustment, on the other hand is still far hillside A shares before the financial crisis, and the peripheral Stock markets are Dozens have been reaching record highs, at different stages. On the other hand, the fundamentals of China's economy are good. A-share stocks are depreciated in the valuation of global stock markets . The drop in external markets just created the conditions for the return of A-shares. According to media reports on February 28, the regulators gave guidance to relevant brokerage firms and unicorns corporate clients in 4 industries including biotechnology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and high-end manufacturing were put on trial and nigh Therefore, we see that the sector, which represents the primary direction of the new economy such as the small cap index, high price-earnings ratio and growth style index, performed well this week.

Cash part: Recommended investment life Po, such as ① E Fund Daily Money A (000009), ② Castrol Currency A (070008).

Monetary Fund

phone can open an account to buy the fund, click here Download 7_894 56_597_65473_94.16%
Fund Code Fund referred to 7 _ 89456 _ 566 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 567 _ 65473 _ 97 days annual fee operating
070008 Castrol currency A4.20% 0.00% 0.00% purchase account purchase
000009 easy to square up Money every day A0.00 % 0.00% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-03-02

partial stock funds

phone can open an account to buy the fund, points Download this 7_89456_637 _65473_97 _89456_681_65473_90.00 % 0.00%
Fund Code fund referred recent month earnings fee operating
161631 facility AI Index (LOF) 8.73% 1.20% 0.12% purchase account purchase
002229 China Economic Transformation stock 7.95% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
001630 Celestica CSI Computer Index C7 .69% purchase account purchase
165522 Prudential Securities TMT Industries Index rating 5.52% 1.00 % 0.10% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, Galaxy Securities, as of the date of : 2018-03-02

bond funds

the phone can buy a fund account, click here to download immediately
Fund Code Kim referred nearly a week fee operating
004395 Wealth of Nations Hengtong net debt bonds 2.91% 0.80 % 0.08% purchase account purchase
519947 long Truly junk bonds 2.45% 0.80 % 0.08% purchase accounts Buy
000118 GF Xin bonds A1.40% 0.80% 0.08% purchase account purchase
002743 Wang Yuxiang German bonds C0.77% 0.00% 0.00% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of: 2018-03-02

Third, the daily fund investment strategy:

7_894 56_804_65473_9 affected by the outer disk, the three major indexes weakened throughout the day to maintain low volatility
trend throughout the day, the market broke through the 1800 integer point mark in early trading, but failed to continue to stabilize, then turned green down in the afternoon weak consolidation, the end day Line four with the sun. Subjects, steel, coal and other cyclical stocks continued downturn, and software, semiconductors and other recent hot spots rapid cooling today, stocks lower adjusted. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite News 3254.53 points, down 19.22 points, turnover of 178.6 billion yuan; Shenzhen Component Index 10856.25 points, a decrease of 0.79%, turnover of 238.8 billion yuan; GEM reported 1,772.01 points, a decrease of 1.00%, turnover of 79.9 billion yuan. Surface, rare earth permanent magnet, new materials, Shenzhen state-owned reform, agriculture and other plates among the top gainers; steel, cement, semiconductors, titanium dioxide and other plates fell larger.

Message: 1. Regulators recently conveyed the capital market to relevant brokers to help guide the general direction of China's new economic policies; 2. Shanghai delineated the first phase of the trial of intelligent network car open testing and issued the first batch of national test signs; Jiang Yang: China Securities Regulatory Commission will support the development of "new economy" and continue to deepen the reform of IPO market.

Changjiang Securities : From a fundamental point of view, we still continue to recommend the big financial mainline of real estate + finance. We recommend that we stick to the big financial sector as the annual allocation of products. However, the economy is uncertain and the valuation is not yet up and the allocation ratio is low Is still the big three major financial sector recommended reasons. At the same time, it is suggested to add more attention to the cyclical sector, which may be a very noteworthy time period for the cyclical market in the context of the coming months and data validation in the coming months. Focus on the three main lines: configuration opportunities for leading quality cycle, sub-sectors that may have a positive impact on the economy (from the top down, the main line of environmental permit) and underevaluation of the valuation of the industry. In addition, from the bottom up, investors are advised to pay attention to the prosperity of the Yangtze River 50.

CRE: From the historical quantitative replenishment of the "two sessions" in the past five years, the market volatility is also at a low level before and after the holding of the two sessions Probably the rate of a week closed up, showing excellent meeting before the meeting, the pre-small hit the SSE Composite Index, will be mixed, after the Shanghai Composite Index is better than the law of small and medium sized. From the structural market point of view, the conventional themes of the two sessions refer to the basic year-by-year mentions of major livelihood topics such as environmental protection, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, medical reform, household consumption, social security and education reform. The regular pattern of excess returns shows that the pre- Around the week, lasted until two weeks after the meeting.

GF Securities : A shares in the history of the "two markets Quotes," a large probability exists, the left is better than the right. "Data vacuum" superimposed "policy expectations" so that A-share history of the "two markets Quotes," a large probability exists, and one month prior to the more significant. Two sessions of "new hot spots" relay after the meeting, becoming the main investment throughout the year. In addition to the traditional hot spots, there will be many "new hot spots" that keep pace with the times every year for the two sessions each year, which will further represent the direction of future changes. The "new hot spot" was not fully anticipated before the two sessions, so the market was mediocre and the relay after the meeting would become the investment mainstay throughout the year. Look forward to the 18th session of the "new hot spot", around four clues. Prospects for the "New Hot Spots" of the 18th NPC and CPPCC Two Outlooks: (1) High-quality Development; (2) Reform and Opening up and Regional Planning; (3) Rural Rejuvenation and Poverty Alleviation; and (4) Long-term Industrial Mechanism Construction.

Fourth, fund school: Avoid Three Mistakes raise fund investments

misunderstanding: the fund when the stock speculation, trading too frequently

First, fund investment targets are more dispersed compared to stocks, stocks generally do not have much of a risk, Even a more risky industry or thematic index usually invests evenly on each stock under the industry or subject matter with a certain weight, whereas most funds or broad base indices more generally reflect the overall market conditions or a Style characteristics. From the market in recent years, industry or market style has a strong momentum effect, that is, the better the current performance of the next breed is likely to be better than the market average probability, so frequent switching funds, fast forward fast out unnecessary . On the other hand, the higher transaction rate of the fund compared to the stock is not suitable for frequent trading, especially for non-C products and the monetary fund. Generally, the non-C-share products have a minimum transaction fee of 0.5% or more.

Solution: Before you buy the fund, you should do a good job of buying home themed funds that match the current market style or the long-term prosperity. The theme funds such as Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, pharmaceuticals and state-owned enterprise reform are all good choices. If the transaction for the purpose of investors can choose the venue ETF or more active LOF varieties, choose the C share off-site.

Misunderstanding 2: chase sell, stop loss not only stop loss

This is the phenomenon of two more well-known market, but ubiquitous, because these two behaviors most in line with human nature, and want to overcome humanity through investor education Weaknesses will only be more effective. Therefore, we propose two simple but effective methods here.

Solution: First, buy and hold the investment method, the second is scheduled to vote , I believe we are more familiar with these two methods, we compare their strengths and weaknesses and applicable scenarios. The advantages of fixed investment is to buy less when the market is higher, buy more when the lower the point, so you can reduce the overall cost. However, this approach may or may not be more effective than buying and holding. For example, in our statistical range, the profitability of subscribers may not be as favorable as buying and holding. So the question is, what kind of strategy should be adopted? The answer is at the bottom of the market or the beginning of the rise, more suitable to buy and hold a strategy. When the market has fallen more into a reasonable range or in the shock market, more suitable for fixed investment strategy. So what if the market has risen more? Answer If you are a short-term master, you can moderate participation, always pay attention to the risk, fast forward fast.

It should be noted that the level of the market here does not refer to the index point. One of the commonly accepted methods is to look at the price / earnings ratio of the index. For example, it is higher than the historical level above 70% Belong to the poorer entry time, at 30% or less in the lower position, suitable for buying and holding strategies, and in the reasonable range between 30% -70%, you can use fixed investment strategy. More importantly, the decision to determine the final return of the two strategies is to sell time. Under the above method, when the index price-earnings ratio exceeds 70% -80% quantile (the specific value according to the investor's risk preference), investors can gradually lighten up, when beyond the 90% quantile, always vigilant, Once the market risks, immediately clearance, no longer have the illusion. For example, on the eve of the 15-year debt crisis, both the Shanghai Composite Index and the CSI500's P / E ratio have risen above 95% since 2010, and the downside risk is huge. However, in early April, the CSI 300 is still in the 80% quantile, early May at 90% quantile.

Myth: only buy A shares, C shares ignore

mentioned above, most of the investors in the fund will choose to purchase A shares and A shares more suitable for long-term investors hold. Under the current market conditions dominated by short-term trading players, it is obviously unreasonable that a large number of customers are eroded by the high rate of A share.

Solution: Prior to the purchase of their own investment objectives and time to hold a pre-judgment, if the investment objective is to make short-term market volatility, fast forward faster, then choose C share purchase; if the target holding time is more Long, then choose A share more advantages. How to calculate the specific critical point, we here to Tianhong TCM 100 as an example, we can see that AC share management fees and custodian fees are the same, the difference is the sales service fee and redemption fee, of which sales service fee is annualized Rate, accrued on a daily basis, redemption fee for the transaction one-time charge. If the holding time is less than 30 days, then the A share trading rate is far higher than the C share; if the holding time is greater than or equal to 30 days, the A share trading rate locked at 0.1% + 0.05% = 0.15%, and C The share of the transaction rate is 0.25% * Holds Month / 12, so the critical point is 7.2 months. It should be noted that different rates structure AC share holding time critical point will be different, investors can calculate their own, in general, the purchase price of a fold, the zero point in about 6 months.

This report is published by Orient Securities Institute based on the market open data, for reference purposes only, the Orient Institute of Wealth Securities can not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the data. The contents of the report do not represent the views of the Fund every day, does not constitute investment advice, investors operate accordingly, at your own risk. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.

Shanghai Dongfang Wealth Securities Research Institute Co., Ltd.





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